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Foie Royale is the ethically produced alternative to traditional Foie Gras.


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Foie Royale – A Culinary Sensation

Foie Royale is an ethical alternative to traditional fois gras, delivering the same decadent taste and texture – but without forced feeding. The result is a product that tastes as good as traditional foie gras, with the same melting behaviour, but created using modern technology not the traditional methods that many find unacceptable.

Foie Royale is presented in a block and, as it has been cooked during the manufacturing process, can be eaten straight from the fridge – although it is at its best after 15 minutes resting. Foie Royale can be cooked in the normal way – pan-fried, poached or roasted – or blended to bring the flavour into a variety of other dishes such as ice cream.

foie royale duck and goose pack shots

Foie Royale – Produced from Happy Birds

Foie Royale is produced from ducks and geese raised ethically on farms in Germany. The birds roam freely outside from an early age and each bird has a minimum of 25 square metres of space. At night they are kept in barns for their security. They do not have their wings or beaks clipped and are fed naturally.

We strive to have happy and contented birds – check out the video below to see them in their natural environment and judge for yourself.