Foie Royale - The Story

Foie Royale was conceived to develop a morally acceptable alternative to the traditional Foie Gras.

The aim was to use a naturally raised healthy duck or goose liver, that had been bred for its meat, not force fed nor allowed to feed to encourage an engorged liver and use this liver to produce a product that tasted as good as Foie Gras, with the same melting behaviour, created using modern technology.

Following seven years of R&D, working with the Institute of Food Technology in Quakenbrück, Germany, as led by their specialist fat scientist Nino Terjung, we perfected the process, breaking the cells down, and fusing them in the same composition as a Foie Gras. The final stage of the production is the cooking, that ensures that Foie Royale has an excellent shelf life of 12 months.

The ducks and geese are raised ethically on farms in Germany and allowed to roam outside from an early age. At night they are kept in barns for their security.

They are not subjected to wing clipping or beak clipping and are fed naturally. We strive to have happy and content birds, as can be seen from our on-line videos of our farms.

When the birds are slaughtered for their meat, their small healthy liver, dark red in appearance, and fat are collected for the Foie Royale process to begin.