Foie Royale - The Story

As many European countries, including Germany, began the process of banning forced feeding or Gavage of animals, our team at Foie Royale were prompted to start an investigation into how they could produce a product that tasted, and behaved, as traditional Foie Gras – but could be made from natural livers harvested from free range birds raised for their meat, bred outdoors and not forced fed.

Working with several renowned research institutions including DIL, The Institute of Food Technology, the complex question of how to combine the bird’s natural liver with its fat to make a product as good as Foie Gras was solved.  Using modern technology Foie Royale was created.

The result is a product that has the same texture, melt in the mouth feeling and flavour as foie gras that can be served straight from the fridge or cooked in a variety of ways.

foie royale

The ducks and geese are raised ethically on farms in Germany and allowed to roam outside from an early age. At night they are kept in barns for their security.

They are not subjected to wing clipping or beak clipping and are fed naturally. We strive to have happy and content birds, as can be seen from our on-line videos of our farms.

When the birds are slaughtered for their meat, their small healthy liver, dark red in appearance, and fat are collected for the Foie Royale process to begin.