The article appeared in

the Daily Telegraph on

5th July 2019


Foie Royale is the subject of a story in the Daily Telegraph by Helena Horton under the headline “Foie gras made in a lab is on the menu as diners enjoy a guilt-free alternative”.


Foie Royale is the ethical alternative to traditional fois gras, delivering the same decadent taste and texture – but without forced feeding or animal cruelty.

The result is a product that tastes as good as traditional foie gras, with the same melting behaviour, but created using modern technology not the traditional methods that many find unacceptable.

The Daily Telegraph article announces that Foie Royale will be stocked in Waitrose stores.

Leading UK chefs, including Tom Browning, head chef at Lewtrenchard Manor, have had Foie Royale on the menu for a while.