Matt Waldron 

The Stackpole Inn, near Pembrook

This was the third placed recipe in the Foie Royale Recipe Competition 2019.

Foie Royale Mouse:


750gr Foie Royale
15gr salt
11gr sugar
1.5gr pink salt
300gr double cream
7.5gr gelatine leaves


Cook Foie Royale 54℃ for 30 minutes. Mix salt and sugar and 225gr of the cream

Warm the other cream and add the bloomed gelatine.

Add everything to the blender.


Fennel Seed Caramel:

2 tsp fennel seeds
250gr sugar
75gr water
75gr water

Sugar and 75gr water boil.

Toast the fennel seeds off and reserve.

Take the caramel to a medium dark colour then add the fennel seeds and slowly add the other 75gr water watching it doesn’t spit.

Fennel Seed Tuille:


75gr icing sugar

135gr liquid glucose

120gr sugar mix

40gr toasted fennel seed powder


Take the mix to 156℃ then pour onto silpat mat and allow to cool.  Blend to a fine powder.

Add the sugar mix and the toasted fennel seed powder together then sprinkle on silpat mat and cook at 160℃ until melted.  May need two coats.